Product Lines

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QED Environmental Syatems

Groundwater Monitoring Equipment

  • Low-flow sampling systems (MicroPurge®)
  • Dedicated groundwater sampling pumps

  • Remediation and Landfill Pumps
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Groundwater & Soil Remediation Systems

  • Groundwater pump & treat equipment and systems
  • SVE, air sparging, and dual extraction systems
  • Skid-mounted, trailer-mounted, and building-enclosed
  • packaged remediation systems
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Catalytic Combustion Corporation

Thermal / Catalytic Oxidizers

  • Off-gas treatment for environmental remediation systems

Emission Control Specialists

  • Catalytic Combustion Corporation is a specialist and leader in the emission control field, and one of the first major companies to develop complete oxidation systems for the processing of hydrocarbons and odor control.
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Choctaw-Kaul Distribution

Glove and Safety Equipment

  • Ergonomic Support
  • Eye, ear, hand, head protection
  • First Aid equipment
  • Footwear
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Spill Control
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Encotech Environmental Control Technologies

Activated Carbon

  • Encotech and CSEC offer a full line of virgin and reactivated, liquid and vapor phase activated carbons. These basic lines, along with a full line of specialty carbons, are available in various package sizes. Contact us for a complete listing of our carbon products.
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Matrix Environmental Technologies

In-situ Remediation Process

  • Matrix Environmental Technologies offers a patented in-situ remediation process utilizing the injection of pure oxygen into the groundwater. The process attacks BTEX contaminants and is also successful in the biodegradation of MTBE and TBA fuel additives.